Ghanaian singer Efya, famous for songs like ‘Jara Jara’ and ‘Super Super,’ recently shared that she has turned down multiple offers suggesting the use of black magic for success in her music journey.

Speaking on Accra FM, she explained that despite facing pressures to take part in rituals or compromise her values, she consistently declined, emphasizing her belief in a different source of success.

Sometimes when you have to upgrade in life, you will meet people that will ask you to go do something, for instance, you may be asked to go take a ritual bath and other things when you go to the Mallam or maybe mess over a friend.” She explained

Efya highlighted the challenges artists encounter when striving for success, mentioning instances where individuals might be tempted to engage in questionable practices. She stressed the importance of resisting such pressures, particularly in light of recent distressing news about extreme measures taken by some for financial gain.

Talking about recent news where some kids killed their grandparents for money rituals, the singer-songwriter warned people to control themselves. She’s stressed that even though the world offers many tempting things, we shouldn’t give in and do things that are morally wrong. It’s a message for everyone to avoid selling their soul to the devil and not get involved in things that might seem attractive but are actually harmful.

She said; it’s a story that’s basically saying that try and control yourself so that you don’t sell your soul to the devil, because in this world of ours, there are many enticingly beautiful options but we do not have to do all of them

“It’s a warning I am sending out to everyone – don’t sell your soul to the devil,” Efya said. “There are many things that appear to be beautiful but you must not engage in them,”

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As a devoted Christian, Efya shared her faith background, noting that she was born into the Presbyterian faith but now follows the Assemblies of God. Her message encourages others not to compromise their values, emphasizing that true success doesn’t require compromising one’s integrity.

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