How to Start Your Own Music Blog?
How to Start Your Own Music Blog?

There is an increase in music listeners each day. A recent survey found that streaming music is more popular than ever before. Music listeners spend an average of 18 hours each week listening to music.

A music blog is a great way to take advantage of this trend, which is rising. If music is something you love and wish to begin a blog about it, this guide will help you. The purpose of this article is to explain why you should start a music blog and how to do it.

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Decide Your Focus

Decide on the direction or focus of your music blog before you begin. What type of music will you be featuring, and to whom will you be sharing it?

Identifying your blog’s focus and choosing the right audience will help you define your work’s focus. Local artists, Global independent artists, etc., are some ideas you can choose to work on.

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Ask yourself if you want to criticize music you dislike or celebrate music you like. You’ll encounter plenty of haters if you’re a critic, but you’ll also develop a strong relationship with supporters.

Choose a Particular Music Niche

Defining your music niche is the next step. Niching down is all about deciding what your blog’s content will be and whom you’re going to target.  Having a niche is essential to a music blog’s success.

The best way to find your niche is to concentrate almost all your music blogging efforts on one specific genre. The key is finding a niche in which you can offer value to your audience, regardless of the genre you choose.

Further, the niche you choose should be something that no other music bloggers are currently offering. The ability to do this will allow you to set your blog apart from other music blogs available.

Select Blogging Platform

Your blog topic, your music genre interests, and your target audience have been selected. Now choose a platform for blogging. It is where you have a wide range of choices.

You can choose between free and paid options.  Blogger, Squarespace, Wix, Tumblr, and many others offer free blogging platforms.

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The free platforms are the platforms of choice for many beginner bloggers, but it’s not the best choice to create a successful blog. You can also try WordPress, an ideal choice for a music blog, but it is not free.

Get Domain, Hosting & Start Working

Hosting is also required in conjunction with getting a domain name. Music blogs are hosted on a server that stores all website files and makes them accessible via the web. Paying a very small monthly fee will be their reward for this service.

The Bluehost web-hosting provider is among the best, according to my recommendation. HostGator and Contabo is also a reliable, affordable, and customer-friendly company that offers great support.

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As a music blogger, choosing the right host is crucial. Therefore, your prime focus should be choosing the right domain and hosting for your music blog so that you can start working.

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