In a recent interview with Berla Mundi on TV3, Ghanaian dancehall artist Samini opened up about the deteriorating state of his relationship with rapper Michael Owusu Addo, widely known as Sarkodie.

Earlier on, Samini was upset with Sarkodie for not replying to his collaboration request for his 2021 Burning EP. When asked about their strained relationship in a radio interview, Sarkodie brushed it off.

Samini expressed his feelings, revealing that Sarkodie has not shown any remorse for his actions towards him, and as a result, he has not let go of the feud.

When Berla Mundi questioned Samini about whether he had moved on from the feud, the artist firmly responded with a “No.” He also confirmed that he had not forgiven Sarkodie, emphasizing the lack of remorse shown by the rapper.

Berla Mundi continued to probe the situation, asking if Sarkodie had ever asked for forgiveness. Samini’s response was once again a resounding “No.” However, he did leave room for reconciliation, stating that he would forgive Sarkodie if the rapper were to genuinely ask for forgiveness.

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Samini explained his perspective on forgiveness by saying, “If a man is remorseful and tells you, ‘Charlie, sorry that I poured red oil on your white attire,’ you’re cool. But if the man tells you, ‘this small thing, you’ve taken it seriously,’ how are you going to be cool? That type of ‘I forgive you’ is ‘I leave you to God’ kind of forgiveness and not that I’ve forgiven you. It’s ‘I leave you to the Maker.’ You think you’re cool. Go around and just keep pouring.”

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