Lynx Entertainment artist Kuami Eugene has recently disclosed that he played a significant role in the creation of Mr Drew’s popular song “Case” but did not receive the credit he believes he deserves.

In an interview with U.S.-based Ghanaian vlogger Naana Donkor Arthur, Kuami Eugene expressed his frustration over not being acknowledged for his substantial contribution to the song. He asserted that he had written approximately 80% of the song, including the catchy hook and a portion of the second verse.

Eugene, known for his songwriting talents, emphasized that he frequently writes songs for other artists due to his prolific ability.

He revealed, “Mr Drew’s song, ‘Case,’ I wrote the hook, and some part of the second verse. I wrote like 80 percent of that song. In fact, before he came to record the song, that hook and everything was already done.”

Kuami Eugene lamented that he hopes this platform will serve as a message to Mr Drew to acknowledge his role in the song’s creation.

“It’s quite unfortunate that this is the platform I have to send a message to Mr Drew to prompt him to do what he needs to do because the song is doing good. That hook is great. If I had sang it by myself, it would have still been a hit song because I wrote that song thinking about wish me well,”

“He’s a brother. I wish we could appropriate where credit is due in the industry and give respect so we can move on as individuals,”

Moreover, Kuami Eugene shared his disappointment about the lack of communication regarding the song’s release, saying, “All I heard from him was like bro, the song, make we drop and that was when I was in America. That was when he texted to ask if we should drop the song but because of the time difference, I was asleep and when I woke up, he didn’t inform my manager or anything and the second person who was around when we recorded the song texted me later to inform me he (Drew) had dropped the song. I texted him (Drew) to ask and he left me on read.”

Meanwhile, Mr Drew had previously clarified during an interview that he did not create the song exclusively for his former boss. According to Mr Drew, he co-wrote the song with Kuami Eugene about three years ago, revealing, “I actually wrote this song with Kuami Eugene and I was planning to release that instead of ‘Later’ featuring Kelvyn Boy. I was looking for a song to release and then I was going through the beat I had, so this is not the actual beat, it is a highlife song.”

“Case” is a captivating tune where Mr Drew, along with Sista Afia and Strongman, collaborated to ensure its delivery and later remixed with Mophty.

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