Well-known Ghanaian dancehall artist, Shatta Wale recently shared his concerns on Facebook about the challenges holding back Ghana’s music industry from making a mark globally.

He spoke passionately about the problems, pointing out the lack of supportive policies, outdated facilities, and limited resources that are keeping Ghana’s music from reaching its full potential on the world stage.

Shatta Wale is urging everyone in the creative community to come together and tackle these obstacles. He’s not just talking about the issues; he’s suggesting practical solutions. He wants a better regulatory framework, modern facilities, and stronger protection for artists’ rights. He stresses the need for quick action and collaboration among stakeholders to attract significant global investments.

Shatta Wale
Shatta Wale

His message is clear. It’s time to break down the barriers that have been holding back Ghanaian music. Shatta Wale envisions a united effort, where everyone involved in the Ghanaian music scene works together to bring about positive change. He emphasizes the urgency, saying the time to act is now, ensuring that Ghanaian music not only reaches a global audience but also makes a lasting impact on the international stage.

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