Life Hacks Every Adult Needs To Know

When we were young, we often thought about what life would be like as adults, and yet, here we are as adults, and it’s not really what we anticipated it to be. Nevertheless, we have high hopes that everything will be okay, but only if we take the appropriate steps for our own improvement. It’s important to keep in mind that if you purchase an apartment in a city using a 20-year loan, you effectively pay 3–4 times the apartment’s already inflated price for a property that no one will want to purchase from you. That is a huge debt trap and lifestyle expense.

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Instead, you could use your savings to purchase a plot of land far away and then, five years from now, construct a home for a much lower price. You could try starting a business with the money you would have saved on interest by not purchasing that apartment in order to escape the grind of the corporate world and perhaps even make a tidy profit. You still have a home of your own and business management experience even if your ventures fail. There is no assurance that the company where you are merely a worker today won’t fail in any case. On the other hand, your employer’s enterprise may be so prosperous that there is ample room for exploitation and replacement.

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Apply the same principle to your kids’ education. You can enroll them in regular schools and train and mentor them one-on-one at home instead of spending a fortune on their education and chasing after expensive, well-known schools. Once their foundation is established, they can try to pursue higher education from a reputable institution in the future for visibility. They can also benefit from your business experiments and learn from them.

While you exhaust yourself at the office building someone else’s business, there is no need to pay the builders, banks, and (education) businesses. Think and behave like a successful businessman if you want to be successful, have peace of mind, and reclaim your life. Avoid letting peer pressure, debt, and lifestyle control you. Get your skills and common sense up to par.

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