In a captivating showcase of musical prowess, Rema enthralled a packed O2 Arena, culminating in a sold-out performance that epitomized his soaring global success.

The concert featured a dynamic lineup of Rema’s chart-topping hits, presenting a diverse range of tracks from his extensive musical repertoire.

Yet, the evening took an unexpected twist as Rema’s entrance and stage presentation fueled a contentious discussion, with some members of the audience interpreting certain elements as suggestive of connections to satanism.

Rema made a grand entrance astride a horse adorned in vibrant red and black fashioned after the famous mask of the legendary Benin Queen Idia and later transitioning to a striking red and black futuristic military ensemble while being escorted to the stage on the back of a sizable Bat with eyes concealed in red.

Screenshot 20231117 060508 Instagram
Rema’s first entry 
Screenshot 20231117 060442 Instagram
Rema’s second entry 

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These visually arresting choices prompted varied reactions from portions of the audience who perceived symbolic undertones hinting at diabolical themes. Expressing concern, one concert attendee recorded a video urging fellow audience members to engage in prayer upon returning home, citing perceived diabolical elements incorporated into the performance.

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This isn’t the first instance where Rema’s artistic choices have drawn scrutiny. His affinity for distinctive jewelry, notably a chain featuring a depiction of a burning church, had previously triggered public backlash, leading to a petition from the Ethiopian Orthodox Church urging authorities to bar Rema from performing in their country.

Despite the ongoing debate surrounding his aesthetic preferences, Rema has consistently embraced an avant-garde style since his breakthrough in 2019. In response to recent allegations, Rema took to his X account and wrote; RAVAGE UPRISING/ My Ancestors bronzes sit in the museum of this very city so I remade mine. Hence, Edo is redefined, the map reshaped, your minds awakened & the mask reborn. Thank you London

Also he took to his Instagram story to reassert his Christian faith unequivocally, proclaiming “Jesus is King” and dismissing claims associating him with satanism or the Illuminati.

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