The ongoing feud between Ghanaian rappers Strongman and Kwaku Smoke has reached a new level as Strongman responds with a powerful diss track titled ‘Short Man.’

The tension between these two artists has been building up for some time, with each using their music to throw verbal jabs at the other.

Kwaku Smoke earlier, dropped a diss track called ‘Ogyam,’ specifically targeting Strongman. In the song, Kwaku Smoke didn’t mince words, offering strong criticisms towards Strongman, including his fiancee, daughter, and mother. The track was filled with intense language, providing Kwaku Smoke a platform to express his feelings through direct insults aimed at Strongman and his family.

In this latest exchange of musical blows, Strongman doesn’t hold back in addressing the points raised by Kwaku Smoke. Dismissing Smoke’s claim that he shares a room with ten other people as nothing more than a playful exaggeration, Strongman counters with clever wordplay and sharp rhymes.

However, the feud takes a personal turn as Strongman passionately defends his daughter, Simona, against the insults thrown by Kwaku Smoke. Strongman proudly emphasizes that Simona holds more influence and has achieved greater success than any of Kwaku Smoke’s previous relationships. He points to Simona’s numerous ambassadorial deals as concrete evidence of her accomplishments.

Yet, Strongman doesn’t stop there. He shifts the focus to Kwaku Smoke, criticizing him for disrespecting his fanbase. The diss track becomes a platform for Strongman to express his disapproval of Smoke’s treatment of his supporters, further escalating the lyrical battle between the two rappers.

You can download the song from Here

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