Why A Country Should Have Atleast 80% Graduate Citizens

It doesn’t matter who you are; I’d be more than pleased to buy you a drink. You are a highly empathic person, but I am not, and one of my goals in life is to develop my capacity for empathy to the point where I can ask questions that are analogous to those that you have posed.

My line of work frequently brings me into contact with individuals who have only a basic degree of education. A significant percentage of my patients, in addition to some of my own coworkers (ha ha, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!). However, the most unlucky person of all is I. (the more education I get, the more I realize how uneducated I am).

However, there is no need for me to express to you what it is like to deal with people who do not have an education since it would serve no purpose. That accomplishes nothing more than to arouse people’s sympathies. Pity, on the other hand, is an easy emotion to have since it enables me to look down on other people without requiring me to get down from the high horse I’ve been sitting on.
Empathy, on the other hand, is much more difficult because it requires me to dismount my perch, get down on all fours in the dirt, look the other person in the eyes, and acknowledge that the only thing that set me apart from her was good fortune or divine intervention. This is a much more difficult task than it sounds.

I’ve been trying to improve my capacity for empathy, and I was wondering if there’s any chance that I could…
A person who has not received any kind of formal education must experience the following feelings:
1. You are powerless because you live in an information age, which is a time when connected information is the most valuable money; however, you are unable to acquire this knowledge on your own. In other words, you are living in a time when connected information is the most valuable money, but you are unable to obtain it. You are totally dependent on the help of other people, who constantly have to explain things to you and sometimes even read things to you so that you can understand what is going on.

As you sit in the office of the young doctor who is treating you, he informs you that you suffer from hyperthyroidism. After that, he will ask you if you are aware of what it indicates or not before moving on to the next topic. You say no. After setting down his pen and beginning to explain the word to you, he smiles warmly at you and offers his greeting. According to him, the term hyperthyroidism is derived from the combination of the words hyper and thyroid; you are aware of what the word “hyper” means, aren’t you? You say no. As he gets ready to explain the history of the word “hyper” to you, he gives you a look that is a little bit like he is thinking about nothing at all. After that, he lets out an exhalation and glances at his watch. And in that same moment, you understand that you have no control over the situation. The reason for this is because the system is unable to meet your requirements as it currently stands because you take up more time than the system allows, more energy than this doctor is able to provide, and because you are forced to take his word at face value.

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2. Suspicious: when you are helpless, anyone can punish you since you have no one to defend you. This is because you have no one to defend you. You can’t evaluate assertions based on their absolute value, so you have to evaluate them based on their face value, which is on the basis of how the person seems, how they speak, or how they dress. For example, you might evaluate an assertion based on whether or not the person is dressed professionally.
After then, the same young doctor will begin to talk to you about hyperthyroidism as well as other thyroid disorders. Are you familiar with the noun “gland” and what it refers to? He characterizes it as a small gland. No? It’s a chunk of flesh similar to this one (he pinches his forearm)… Okay, well, it’s an organ, no, a chunk of flesh like this over here. This is it (he gestures to his throat). It generates this one-celled molecule that is responsible for keeping your body’s temperature stable, keeping your brain alert, keeping your heart beating, and keeping your lungs breathing…

Wait! That doesn’t go over your head, does it? The temperature that is considered to be normal for the body! When you were younger, you got sick with a fever, and the attending physician who came to your house suggested to your mother that your temperature was excessively high. This happened when you fell ill with the fever. You ask him whether or not that is the same thing, and he gives you his response.

A negative response is received from him while he shakes his head. After that, he makes an adjustment to his previous statement and continues by saying, “well, sort of yes.”
And at this point, you have no real way of knowing whether or not he is attempting to pull a fast one on you or not. Is it possible that this man is the real deal? You’ve probably heard tales about doctors in big cities taking advantage of folks like you and taking advantage of their positions. You do research on him. He is too young to study medicine at a university yet. He has not experienced any thinning of his hair. He doesn’t wear glasses. He does not have a belly that is protruding in any direction. It is possible to spot him inside the hospital institution because of the green t-shirt and pajamas that he is wearing. In the beginning, first thing in the morning. When Monday finally rolls along. In addition to that, he is sporting a headpiece that is constructed out of tissue paper. Is something like that to be anticipated? Where did he place his jacket? Where did he put his tie? Shouldn’t people who work in the medical field always be wearing ties? You’ve seen it on TV! He is attempting to show you a drawing of a human neck, but this is all too confusing and there are too many big words for you to continue to deal with it any longer. He is fixated on his phone while swiping the screen on it with his finger.
You determine whether or not he is a fraud. You dismount the metal stool and thank him while maintaining an attitude that is deferential and perhaps even servile.

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3. Confident: Ignorance is bliss. This is a false sense of assurance.
Once you have exited the big glass structure, you will join a bus to travel back to your residence. When you get off the bus close to where you live, you see a little homeopathic dispensary on the corner. It is a well-organized and unpretentious small thing. A picture of Gandhi that is framed can be found much closer to the doorway to the building. the same way that it is done in the school in your area where you already attend classes. At the entrance, you are asked to remove your shoes before taking a seat in front of a happy man who is bald, wears glasses, and is overweight while dressed in a good white coat.

What a qualified medical professional! You pour out your woes. He expresses his concern about the manner that avarice has poisoned the youth of today. [Case in point:] [Case in point:] After then, he moves his body around so that he is facing the long row of leather-bound books that are behind him, and he declares that people do not read these books anymore. Even though you have never picked up a book in your life, you are able to recognize knowledge when you see it. They are dressed in red and gold and they are very proud of themselves. Damn it, you are able to recognize it when you see it!
When he starts asking you questions about your life, personality, and the history of your family, you begin to relax and feel more at ease. He has a solid understanding of the importance of both family lineage and social caste. He is a medical practitioner. He rummages around under his desk and finds a bottle, which he then removes and proceeds to fill with very little round white tablets. He then continues to fill the bottle. He guarantees that you will not run into any further problems when you use them.
The faith you once had in both your judgment and your humanity has been entirely restored as you make your way out of his chambers.

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4. Confusion and helpless rage because you realize that when you know nothing, you also lack the ability to realize that you know nothing and that only two types of people are truly confident: the educated who are aware of exactly how educated they are, and the uneducated who are unaware of how uneducated they are. This realization leads to the realization that only two types of people are truly confident. The conclusion that can be drawn from this is that only two categories of people can be called fully confident.
Your predicament is currently even more precarious than it was before the ineffectual little white sugar pills were administered. You make an effort to pay attention to your nephew, who is 15 years old and is attempting to explain to you why homeopathy is a fraud; but, the words cause your head to spin, and you are unable to comprehend what he is saying.

I am thankful that you allowed me to give it a shot and that you provided me the chance to do so. That’s how I think not having any formal education must make you feel, at least that’s how I imagine it. And it has to be the most painful feeling there is in the world, on par with, or possibly even worse than, the anguish of being hungry or thirsty or experiencing bodily discomfort. And it has to be the most unpleasant feeling there is in the world.
In any case, I believe that you’ve posed a really good question.
My experience has taught me that the capacity for empathy serves as the cornerstone around which actions of compassion are constructed. I have lately came to the realization that the quality that I find most attractive in other people is their generosity. This is due to the fact that despite the fact that I am clever enough, affluent enough, and not unattractive enough, I do not like who I am.

Based on what I know right now, I feel that there are many different forms of poverty that can exist simultaneously.
It’s possible that I’m deficient in emotional connection, but I’m a storehouse of information. But my patient earlier this week lacked knowledge, and as a consequence, I am hoping that she has a lot of love (for her own good), because she will spend her entire life feeling helpless, suspicious, and deceived into believing that she is secure, confused, and frequently angry. I am hoping that she has a lot of love because she will spend her entire life feeling deceived into believing that she is secure, and deceived into believing that she is secure.
I am unable to provide a definitive answer as to which of the numerous forms of poverty is the most crippling. However, I believe that a lack of educational opportunities is a more pressing issue right now, and I intend to do everything in my power to contribute to the solution of this issue.

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