Young Jonn, a popular artist, has released two new songs called ‘Go Hard‘ and ‘Disconnect.’ These songs give us a sneak peek into his upcoming debut album, which is set to come out in January.

‘Go Hard’ is a powerful and energetic song that encourages us to go after our goals with determination. Young Jonn’s unique style shines through, making the song catchy and motivating for both casual listeners and big fans. It’s like a call to build a strong reputation and not hold back in our pursuit of success.

On the other hand, ‘Disconnect’ is a more soulful and reflective track. It’s like a musical break for those dealing with life’s challenges. This song resonates with the idea of taking a moment to relax and recharge from the busyness of life.


These two songs show Young Jonn’s ability to create different types of music, crossing boundaries and giving listeners a diverse experience. As we look forward to his full album in January, these songs promise an exciting musical journey.

Young Jonn is not just going with the flow; he’s preparing us for a groundbreaking album that will make a mark in the music world. Get ready for a musical adventure with Young Jonn.

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